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Video: Obama Supporters Sign Petition for U.S. Nuclear Strike Against China
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Video: Obama Supporters Sign Petition for U.S. Nuclear Strike Against China

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | June 15, 2015

Just days after making international news with video footage of Americans signing a petition to nuke Russia, Mark Dice continues with a video asking for signatures to support a nuclear strike against China.

After signing the petition to support nuking China one man asks Mark “You an Obama supporter?” and Mark responds “Yea dude!” and then another lady immediately rushes to sign Mark’s petition.

In the middle of the video Mark explains the mentality of the people signing his petition “It’s not that these people necessarily want to nuke China, it’s that they will just support whatever Obama says, so their brains just shut off when I say will you help support Obama’s plan”.

I don’t know what’s scarier, people signing petitions to support a nuclear attack on China or that people will sign literally anything as long as it’s to “support Obama”.

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About Stuart Webb

Stuart Webb is an activist, citizen journalist as well as entrepreneur. Stuart's educational background is self education, common sense, the U.S. Constitution and is currently studying at BYU Idaho working towards a degree in Accounting then Law. He currently works full time at a marketing company in Fresno, California. Stuart is the Co-Owner/CEO/Editor of Weaponized News.

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