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by Marcus Ruiz Evans | WeaponizedNews.Com | February 10, 2016

The American experience of a high living standard compared to the rest of the world, and of being the shining beacon able to influence and inspire the world is coming to an end in the near future. Experts predict the American empire as it has been known since the end of WWII will end in the next 15 years. Here is a list of reasons why you should believe these experts. But there is a ray of hope for some who currently live within the American empire – a select group who don’t act like the majority of Americans.


America is sinking  – at least the America as Americans have known it since the end of WWII. The place that was the shining beacon that attracted people from all over the world to come to it, and that equally inspired people in their own lands to seek to establish American values on their own.  That nation that influenced the behavior of the world, and set world trends and was listened to by the world, that America is going to die soon. Nothing can be done to stop this. It is inevitable, and it will have huge repercussions for the quality of life of all Americans.

How do we know that this is true? How do we know that this isn’t the same old criticism Americans always had that the sky is falling on their nation? Americans have been talking about how America might fall for decades and it didn’t. How do we know that now things are different and that saying that America is falling is not the normal jingoistic fanfare that the media has always pumped out?

Because the statistics pointed to in this essay show that things aren’t worse than they were last year or a few years ago, but are the worst they have been in decades or over a century. And that there are many different measures that show this in their own right. You add all these measures that all show America at its worst in decades – the fact becomes obvious – there are too many historical levels of failure, on too many measures, for this critique of America now to be just like all of the ones in the past.


  1. The Age of America as the lone or major super power are over. The world is turning into a multi-polar world, where there will be multiple super powers equal in money and size to America. Ever since WWII America was one of two super powers – able to offer another option to the world for those that didn’t like Communism. Now America will be one of several super powers all of whom believe in capitalism. The image as the alternative to a bad system will not be available in the future. Economist estimate that the multi-polar world will be here within the next 20 years. Since World War II America was the only or one of two super powers and now in the near future it will be one of 5 to 7. This is more like the era of World War I when America was a player on the world stage, but a minor player who followed the lead of many other nations. Coincidentally independent from economists saying the world economy will change dramatically very soon, other scholars looking at different measures also now publicly suggest that the American empire will fall within 15 – 20 years.
  2. The Era where America scared its enemies is over. Enemies of America now see America as weak, and worn down by a decade of wars with no results to show for it. America’s enemies see that America could not beat the armies of Iraq, or the insurgents of Afghanistan after a decade of fighting. They see that when America threatens action, such as a “red line” for using chemical weapons in Syria and then does nothing when chemical weapons are used, that America’s threats are idle, like a giant dog with a loud bark but one that is firmly chained on a leash. They see that Russia and China are able to openly challenge America militarily in Europe, in the Middle East, in the Pacific Ocean. They see that Russia in full defiance of America is not stopped by the full economic power of the American economy to change its behavior. The enemies of America are also aware that the world is going to be multi-polar and that soon many nations will have the money and power of America. The enemies of the world see the actions of China and Russia as signs of this future, where increasingly more nations will be too big for America to influence or push. The World sees in these actions that America is already now showing its military, political, and economic limits.
  3. The Era where America had trusted allies is over. Allies in Europe don’t trust or like America. Invading Iraq against the opinion of the entire world, and spying on allies and lying to them about it right after that scandal, has been too much for allies to handle. Military allies in the Middle East don’t trust America even though it fought with them against an external threat recently. Traditional allies are looking to new arrangements to build their own strength, such as Germany moving closer to Russia and Japan wanting to get its own army.  In fact many nations have continually called in just the last few years for the world’s discussion center, the UN, to be moved out of America because they don’t trust America.  World polls show that Germany, Poland, England, Russia, Turkey, Jordan, Japan, Argentina, Peru, still have lower opinions of America at the start of 2016, than they did in 2001. It should shock Americans that the majority of the key allies of America are included in this list.  Furthermore, France, Spain and Germany, (also all key allies and half of the entire population of Europe), have half of their populations think America does not respect the legal liberties of its own citizens.
  4. The age of America as an economic power is over. The world economy within the next 20 years will move to Asia, where the majority of world growth will happen in the next century– just as Europe and America were where the majority of growth happened in the last century. All economists know this. In response America is desperately trying to sign trade deals to link its economy to Europe with the Atlantic trade deal and Asia with the Pacific trade deal – but in doing so, America is willing to give up many rights of its people to hold onto a continually diminishing world power. It is a sign of how scared America is of the economic future that it is so willing to give up so much to expand its economic ties. By the way it is now officially proven that it is vastly easier to rise from poverty or as an immigrant to “make it” in Europe than America. The world now knows that you don’t go to America to have “the American dream”. Perhaps this is why American youth have the lowest amount of home ownership ever and are more in debt than young Americans just starting out their life than ever before in American history. Perhaps this is why economist now say that the middle class in America is now dead and not coming back. Perhaps this is why for the first time in a century America is no long one of the top 10 most prosperous nations in the world, meaning that it no longer has the economic health of the rest of the modern economies. America has also lost its triple A credit rating for the first time ever – that means that world banks for the first time ever don’t view America as a good credit risk.  America is also now more in debt than at any time since WWII. Additionally, because the world knows that it is moving into a multi-super power future, the world is moving away from using the dollar as a reserve currency. For the first time since WWII, the world is calling for other currencies to be used for international transactions other than the dollar. When the Dollar is no longer the main form of money the entire world uses – the American economy will suffer a massive contraction and recession. This will be a great recession the likes of which America has never felt before, and one that it does not get out of. Americans will be forced to learn to accept something more resembling a 3rd world living standard, forever.  Remember that before WWII and definitely before the economic boom of the 1920s, most of America did not have running water, or toilets, or hospitals or regular employment, and had to live 3 families to one house and own one car, and would spend decades to save enough money to move to a new house. When the American currency is no longer the World’s first choice currency, it will not result in economic collapse, but Americans will be forced to live like their grandparents did when they were children and had a living standard closer to a poor Latin American country than a European nation.
  5. The age of America inspiring the world is over. A Princeton University study that went unnoticed has officially said that America is in fact not a democracy but an oligarchy, where the rich rule. Most of the world that is struggling with democracy looks at this and sees that the American talk about the value of democracy is a lie. Additionally American scholars, also unnoticed, have already concluded that America is living in a “post-constitutional era” where the rule of law, and the guarantees of democracy just no longer matter given the Patriot Act, the Freedom Act, the Supreme Court choosing Presidents, Presidents launching wars without Congress approval and Congress conducting its own foreign policy independent of the President – all of which have happened in just the last 10 years. Scholars have said you can’t warp and break and tear the system that much and still believe that there is a system intact. It also does not help that recently America was rating as being 47th in press freedom – a rank that made it equal to Argentina and Romania, two nations that have shocked the modern world with their stifling actions against reporters. American freedom is in the range of these two nations – not the rest of modern Europe. Perhaps as a sign that it knows this is the future, the America government and its network of universities have very recently, and for the first time ever, massively cut funding to study foreign cultures and develop experts to help American policy deciders make informed decisions of non-American cultures.  America decided it was not worth the money to be able to know well and relate to foreign nations.
  6. To put the nails in the coffin, the fact is that America leaders don’t know what to do about this. The fact that the Republican party has fielded more candidates for the position of President in 2015 with more different messages than ever before shows a lack of understanding what are the real issues and that only a few years before the Democrat party also fielded more candidates for President than it ever had before for the 2008 election – confirms this conclusion. Also that Americans have the lowest faith they have had in political parties since the Civil War, the lowest faith in Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Presidency – all of the branches of the government, and the highest polarization of political dialogue again since the civil war – all seem to suggest an America where the Americans don’t believe that anyone has a way to lead them out of this struggle. They have no faith in all of their leaders, all of their government, all of their parties, and each other to find answers. Additionally American corporations have said that the educated Americans coming from universities in America don’t have a basic ability to think critically in general any more. Furthermore, American leaders don’t show any capability to be willing to even recognize that things are changing – which is a key step before you can figure out solutions on how to adapt to change. As one scholar of American sociology put it:  “Too many American leaders … both in government and corporate are gripped by denial, a type of Pollyanna group-think that insists that America will retain its greatness no matter what.” So Americans in general and especially their leaders, don’t even have the capability as a people to think of how to adapt to new changes, and certainly not on this scale.

California sailing away


Never mind that Republican California Governor Schwarzenegger said in 2007 “We are a nation state … we’re acting as a new country”  and that Democrat California Governor Brown said in 2015 “We are a separate nation”.  Never mind that Paul Starobin in 2009, a writer for the National Journal, Atlantic, Business Week, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and National Geographic, who has reported from Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, Europe and South America said “Another variant for an After America California is its possibilities as a “nationstate”—that is, California as a player in its own right in a multipolar world.” – here are factual reasons why California could do quite well as its own nation independent of America in the future that will be horrible for America.


  1. Californian’s international reputation is growing. Besides the fact that it is well established that California has its own brand name reputation that is independent already from America, and globally recognized –  California further came to fame fully independent from America on the issues of Climate Change. The fact is that California completely by itself organized the world response to Climate Change. The UN was appreciative of the effort and so were many foreign nations who have sought to have individual dialogue with California about this issue, without involving the American government. Even key allies such as Canada and England have behaved this way, holding talks about a global issue with California and fully independent of any American involvement. California did such a good job on bringing the entire world together for this most important global issue that the UN said that California should continue the global climate change discussion – read, the official world forum saying California you did better than us at engaging world dialogue. Since this time California has also held many other international conferences on issues of concern to the entire world and had the world travel to California to participate in these discussions routinely. It should come as no surprise that California can bring together the entire world to deal with difficult issues that affect the entire world – the first meeting between Americans and representatives of the Soviet Union that led to the end of the Cold war – was organized by Californians.
  2. Additionally California is one of the top destinations for tourism, and has more of the top universities in the world than any other nation – Universities that all nations want to send their children to more than any other place on the Earth. It’s not a coincidence that the housing market in California has risen because so many Chinese people want to buy homes and send their kids to California universities.
  3. Also California is the number one place in the entire world for investment – this means that across the entire world, the place that the world population most likes to invest in is California specifically. It should come as no surprise given that America only involved itself in international trade negotiations at the request of California – the USA only joined NAFTA and GATT after California requested that they do so – so that California could conduct international trade. In fact multiple well known scholars of the international trade era have said that California is held back by being part of America’s regulations for international trade and would do much better on its own.
  4. Multiple reporters, scholars and economists who cover international news have said that California has what it takes to go it alone in the international economy.
  5. Additionally multiple academic studies have said that California has what it takes to be an independent nation.
  6. Economists have said that California is perfectly designed to integrate into the Asian economy – all by itself and this is where the dominant amount of the world’s economic activity will happen throughout the next century.
  7. In contrast to America, international scholars have said that California suffers from too much democracy and too much empowering the will of the people. The proof of this is the fact that Californians have vastly more faith in their own government than in the Federal government. Also the world noticed when California alone fought against the American government’s attempt to deny rights to American citizens and spy on its citizens.

Only California has the opportunity to “go it alone” – only CA is one of the world’s top 10 economies, meaning that it has the money and connections of world Super Powers and the world’s richest most influential nations, and only California has held this position since the 1970s or close to the last half century. No other part of America even comes close. If Russia is a super power able to challenge and oppose America’s greatest efforts to influence its behavior, and California has more money than Russia, and money is power – then isn’t California a super power in its own right?

Embassy row


It’s not fair that not all parts of a former America can be saved – but it was also the rest of America’s decision not to embrace behaviors that are found abundantly in California and are key to its success to date – a tolerance for different people and different thinking. That behavior is going to be key to success in the upcoming economy of the next century which will be about world trade and connecting to as many markets around the world as possible. It was the other parts of America’s decision to criticize this essential character of California for decades rather than to emulate it – and now in the near future the rest of America that laughed at California for its strange ways will suffer to a level only their grandparents knew.

So the question for Californians is – do you want to go down with a sinking ship that is rotten to the core when you have the ability to sail the open seas by yourself very well. Another way to put this to Californians is – do you want to condemn your children and your grandchildren to drown with America when it goes down or do you want to create a future for them where they can thrive. When being sentimental about the end of America – also think about what is best for all future generations that are related to you. Are you going to say “Damn all future generations” out of a sentimental attachment to nostalgia of what America used to be but can never be again?

The question for the rest of the World is – will you embrace California in a journey to become its own separate nation. If you want America to change its ways – the best way to shock America into recognizing that it is not running its house right – is for one of its children to run away and separate itself from that house. That will cause America for the first time to question if it is doing something wrong – because America shows no sign of even being aware that it is doing anything wrong, or sees any reason to question itself to day – even with all of the problems described.  This should not be a shock – the Romans refused to negotiate with barbarians even when they were at the gates, and America even when all of these horrible signs are showing themselves very publicly still refers to itself on the world stage as an “exceptional” nation.


by Marcus Ruiz Evans | WeaponizedNews.Com | February 10, 2016 The American experience of a high living standard compared to the rest of the world, and of being the shining beacon able to influence and inspire the world is coming to an end in the near future. Experts predict the American empire as it has been known since the end of WWII will end in the next 15 years. Here is a list of reasons why you should believe these experts. But there is a ray of hope for some who currently live within the American empire – a select group…

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