Tuesday , 26 September 2017

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Pastor Calls For “Executions Of Gays” Then Indroduces Ted Cruz…

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | March 14, 2016 This is why I’ve decided to vote third party since the 2012 election. Because I believe in limited government, individual liberty and  fiscal responsibility, I am labeled a “Republican” or a “right wing religious nut” and put in a category like the pastor below, Kevin Swanson, who called for the execution ... Read More »

“Ted Cruz Is a Prick” Interview With Joe “Rambo” Biggs

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | Jan 19, 2015 Sam and Stuart speak with Infowars.com investigative reporter, Joe Biggs about the Oregon standoff, radical Islam, potential Obama Impeachment, Montel Williams, Ted Cruz and more. Joe is a decorated military veteran and now covers many important issues that the mainstream media refuses to report on. Read More »

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