Monday , 25 September 2017

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JADE HELM 15 Begins Next Week

I am watching this military operation with concern. Never before have military operations like this been conducted on US soil other than in wartime (WWII). Never before has so much equipment (including foreign countries and UN) been jockeyed around the US. Read More »

Jerking Meat

A dehydrator is great for this especially if there is some warning that things are beginning to collapse. The frozen contents of your freezer can be dehydrated to preserve it for when the power goes out. Read More »

The Most Universal Tool

One of the greatest tools ever invented for survival is a pair of fence pliers. This tool was designed by a cowboy for a cowboy. Fairly lightweight, yet strong, these pliers incorporate a lot of uses in a little tool. There is a hammer, a staple puller, pliers, pry bar, cutters, etc. There are many "invented" uses for these. Read More »


This basic bag may be added to or subtracted from depending on person’s needs/ distance to their destination. If a person is bugging out for extended period a second larger pack or items may be added with tent, stove , fishing gear, etc. Lots of extras may be substituted, this is just an over view. Read More »

The Spud Gun For Defense

The spud gun works on the basic principle of a black powder rifle. It will launch a good sized potato many hundreds of feet with substantial velocity for about five cents worth of hair spray or starter fluid. The key to turning a spud gun into a weapon is what is put in front of the potato. Read More »

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