Tuesday , 22 August 2017

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World Government: We Are Living In The North American Union

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | Sep 22, 2015 Stuart and Sam discuss “World Government” with Food Safety Expert Andy Moreno. Ending trade barriers for select multi-national corporations, that essentially own the collaborating governments, has and is happening for the benefit of the ultra elite class. AME Certified Laboratories: Food Testing Tools for Food Safety Managers http://www.ame-qpcr.com/ Andy Moreno Microbiological ... Read More »

American Mainstream Media Will Not Report On Bilderberg Group Secret Meeting interview Rob Dew – Infowars.com

Stuart and Sam discuss infowars.com reporting of the Bilderberg Group Secret Meeting with Rob Dew. The Bilderberg Group is a secret meeting of the 150 most powerful people in the West. Banking, Tech and Political Elite get together and plan our future by setting global policy. Furthermore, we discuss living in the North American Union, the Trans Pacific Partnership, economic collapse leading toward a cashless society, the out of control police state, trade wars, water wars, and much more... Read More »

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