Monday , 25 September 2017

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Was Homeland Security Steering Hurricane Matthew?

by Jim “rezn8d” Lee | I have been following Hurricane Matthew for a few days now and I have to ask the question “Is Homeland Security Steering Hurricane Matthew?” I first covered the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) involvement in “hurricane mitigation” efforts back in 2013.  I was talking to geoengineer Stephen Salter when he offered to let ... Read More »

Dictators and Billionaires Demand Creation of UN Tax Agency

So, to help Third World dictators and regimes further empower themselves, Western tax experts will be deployed to help confiscate more wealth from those who produce it, the video explains. The propaganda film also pretends that it is totally normal and desirable for Third World governments and dictators to control everything from the healthcare to the education of those they misrule — despite the mountains of evidence showing that markets and entrepreneurs, not programs run by governments and tyrants, are the best way to create wealth and combat poverty. Read More »

New World Order Social Engineers Own You & Your Children

Stuart and Sam discuss the New World Order Social Engineers criminal passage of SB 277 into law declaring the state owns you & your children, former CA Senator Leland Yee pleads guilty of racketeering, France bans glyphosate, Fluoride does not prevent cavities, CIA created the phrase "conspiracy theorists" ways to attack anyone who challenges the official narrative, 10 stories the mainstream did not report on during the Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling and the confederate flag politically correct insanity, 10 planks of the communist manifesto and much more... Read More »

The Illuminati’s Sun Valley Meeting EXPOSED!

The Illuminati’s Sun Valley Conference Secrets Revealed. Each July the top media moguls and tech giants meet in Sun Valley, Idaho, to make deals and come to a consensus about the coming year regarding tech and media. *SUBSCRIBE* for NEW enlightening videos DAILY. Let everyone know what you think by sounding off in the comments section, give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and share it with your friends on social media to spread the word! Read More »

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