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FUSD Responds to PRA Requests, Says “District Reserves the right to withhold” Michael Hanson’s Credit Card Statements

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | August 24, 2015 Can anyone say stonewalling? Fresno Unified School District has denied the public, i.e. their boss, access to public information. FUSD is a disgrace and this denial is an open admission of their guilt, proving their attempt to bury the focus of the ongoing FBI investigation of the District. They are doing ... Read More »

Video: Weaponized News Calls Out FUSD Superintendent and School Board On Public Corruption

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | August 13, 2015 If you haven’t heard, Fresno Unified School District is having some problems. One of their major problems is a little thing called “Corruption”. They have a Superintendent that does what he wants, and the school board lets him. Both seem to disregard their constituents, i.e. the public, and only adhere to ... Read More »

New committee calls for Fresno Unified trustees, Hanson to resign

By Mackenzie Mays | Fresno Bee | August 10, 2015 A new political action committee is demanding answers from Fresno Unified School District officials about a controversial no-bid contract, and is calling for Superintendent Michael Hanson and the trustees who support him to resign. Fresnans for Responsibility and Ethics in Education, a PAC that filed organizing paperwork in the Fresno ... Read More »

FUSD Invokes Extension to PRA Requests, Stalls Handing Over Contracts and Credit Card Statements

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | Aug 6. 2015 Amidst all the reported FBI investigations, public corruption reports, and press conferences regarding their lease-leaseback deal with Harris Construction, FUSD has stalled handing over public information to three Public Records Act requests filed by Weaponized News. Here’s FUSD’s official response to requests for Superintendent Michael Hanson’s FUSD credit card statements, FUSD ... Read More »

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