Monday , 16 October 2017

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Gay Rights Activists Turn Pro-Gun Plastering Rainbow Gadsden Flags Across West Hollywood #ShootBack

When seconds matter, police are only a few minutes away for the LGBT Community. After the Orlando shooting, gay activists get vigilant in defending their freedom. Report Notes:… Follow & Subscribe to WeaponizedNews.Com…… Read More »

Was Orlando Mass Murder Terror Attack A False Flag With More Than One Shooter?

Another radical Islamic terrorist attack in a gun free zone, but is the media telling us the full truth about the Orlando shooting? Important questions the mainstream media is not asking… Report Notes:……… Follow & Subscribe to WeaponizedNews.Com…… Read More »

Obama: “The End of the Republic Has Never Looked Better”

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | May 1, 2016 The POTUS admitted “The End of the Republic Has Never Looked Better” at the White House Correspondents Dinner April 30th. Joking? I don’t think so. The media, who are supposed to be watchdogs of the corrupt politicians and corporate lobbies, laughed as Obama arrogantly wines and dines his lapdogs. This is a ... Read More »

Video: Racists Sign Racist Petition To Fight Racism

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | July 21, 2015 Would imposing a racist law help fight racism? Some think so. In the video below, Mark Dice convinces the public to sign a petition to make white people pay a 1% “white privilege tax” to help level the playing field for minorities. Does anybody honestly think that taxing white people or ... Read More »

Rick Ross Miami Heat Face Tattoo Makes The News

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com  Jan 8, 2015 Rick Ross, Correctional Officer turned supposed cocaine dealer (according to his rap music), hip-hop superstar and typical modern day role model for kids in 2015, is getting media attention because of some new ink he got. The tattoo shop Unroyal Ink posted a picture on their Instagram of the rapper getting a ... Read More »

Will the FCC End Net Neutrality?

by Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com Jan 4, 2015 Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, commonly referred to as the FCC, plans to circulate and vote on a blueprint of new rules for Internet providers regarding Net neutrality this February. Keep in mind that the FCC has the power to heavily regulate communication in times of emergency and crisis, ... Read More »

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