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Remember, Remember, the Month of September…

By Jim Long | preppingandsurviving.blogspot.com | Sep 10, 2015 September 19th thru 21st This is a heads up folks.  The International Monetary Fund (also known as the World Bank  or IMF) are having their meetings on these dates. Why is this so important? There is speculation that the IMF will discontinue use of the dollar as the world reserve currency. ... Read More »

Vincent’s Spirochete

Commonly called "Trench Mouth" by soldiers in WWI, your mouth and throat breaks out in blister sores that it becomes almost impossible to eat or swallow due to the pain of doing so. Read More »

The Spud Gun For Defense

The spud gun works on the basic principle of a black powder rifle. It will launch a good sized potato many hundreds of feet with substantial velocity for about five cents worth of hair spray or starter fluid. The key to turning a spud gun into a weapon is what is put in front of the potato. Read More »

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