Monday , 21 August 2017

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EXILED: Short Film Depicts Communist Apocalypse Shirked By Gun Totin’ Patriots

With The United States infected by an extinction level virus, one brave group of men set out to save the free world. A Brett Sanders Film in conjuction with…. A Brett Sanders Film in conjuction with Video Powered by: GEAR: ———- Camera: Drone: MIC: SUPPORT MY WORK: I started a Patreon campaign, consider becoming ... Read More »

Gary Johnson Supporters For Sale

By Murdoch Pizgatti | DontComply.Com | October 7, 2016 As with any good news organization, an unbiased presentation and end goal of presenting facts and transparency are paramount. was handed these previously unreleased documents in an attempt to spotlight the Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson and provide the transparency any potential US Leader should have. Another news agency had ... Read More »

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