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Was Homeland Security Steering Hurricane Matthew?

by Jim “rezn8d” Lee | I have been following Hurricane Matthew for a few days now and I have to ask the question “Is Homeland Security Steering Hurricane Matthew?” I first covered the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) involvement in “hurricane mitigation” efforts back in 2013.  I was talking to geoengineer Stephen Salter when he offered to let ... Read More »


by Marcus Ruiz Evans | WeaponizedNews.Com | February 10, 2016 The American experience of a high living standard compared to the rest of the world, and of being the shining beacon able to influence and inspire the world is coming to an end in the near future. Experts predict the American empire as it has been known since the end of ... Read More »


By Marcus Ruiz Evans | WeaponizedNews.Com | Jan 15, 2016 It is the beginning of 2016 and two new books just came out describing the dysfunction of California and why it exists.  This is an essay comparing these two books’ world views of California. One of these books, by Victor Davis Hanson, “The Decline and Fall of California: From Decadence ... Read More »

Senator Boxer Goes Full Orwellian After CA Shooting: “Sensible Gun Laws Work, We’ve Proven it in California”

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | Dec 4, 2015 The insanity continues. Longtime California Senator (cough.. cough.. and Tyrant) Barbara Boxer proclaimed to the press “sensible gun laws work, we’ve proven it in California” a day after the San Bernadino, California shooting. Seriously? She just said that, for real? So according to a sitting U.S. Senator, California’s strict gun laws ... Read More »

San Francisco’s last gun store closing doors for good

Associated Press | Oct 4, 2015 SAN FRANCISCO. — The only gun store in San Francisco is shuttering for good, saying it can no longer operate in the city’s political climate of increased gun control regulations and vocal opposition to its business. The High Bridge Arms will close Oct. 31. It first opened in 1952 and has served as San ... Read More »

Assemblyman Jim Patterson Introduces Bill to End Funding for Planned Parenthood Locations

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | Aug 4, 2015 Jim Patterson, who is my representative at the state level here in California, has introduced a bill to eliminate funding for certain locations of Planned Parenthood in California that provide tissue for research after footage was released of Planned Parenthood Senior Directors “discussing the practice of providing aborted babies in exchange ... Read More »

Sovereign California CEO Announces Candidacy for State Assembly Under the California National Party

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | Aug 3, 2015 Louis Marinelli, CEO of the Political Action Committee Sovereign California, an organization that advocates for the state of California to be an autonomous region having a sub national sovereign relationship with the United States government, has announced his candidacy for State Assembly in the 80th District running under the California National ... Read More »

California Governor Ends Health Freedom Signing Mandatory Vaccine Bill

By Stuart Webb | | June 30, 2015 Remember that time when you could make your own decisions about what to put into your children’s bodies? Those were the days. Unfortunately, those days are over for Californians. Today the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, signed into law SB277, which eliminates personal and religious belief vaccine exemptions for schoolchildren. The ... Read More »

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