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Clinton Foundation Total Net Assets Over $283 Million

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | May 7, 2015 On the financial statements of the Clinton Foundation for 2013 it states that the foundation has a net worth of over $283,000,000 after total liabilities. That is quite a large sum of money for “average folks” like the Clinton regime to be in control of.   Screen Shot of Contributors to ... Read More »

Will Rand Paul Pull a Squints on the GOP Establishment?

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | April 7, 2015 With Rand Paul’s recent announcement that he will join the GOP Presidential Candidate pool for 2016, there is much discussion whether he will lean toward a more Libertarian platform, or cater to the Republican establishment. An article written by Jordan Marinovich of TonyStiles.com proposes that Rand Paul could be a huge ... Read More »

Ben Carson: Philosophical and Religious Views Not Important When It Comes to Immunization

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | Feb 3, 2015 I guess philosophical and religious views don’t seem to matter to Dr. Ben Carson, when it comes to mandatory vaccinations for certain diseases. Carson, who also happens to be a presidential hopeful for the Republican nomination in 2016, said to The Hill “Although I strongly believe in individual rights and the ... Read More »

The Boxer Dynasty Finally Ends For Californians

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com  Jan 9, 2015 After 21 years of being instrumental in the destruction of America, Barbara Boxer has announced that her retirement from authoritarianism in the United States Senate will be at the end of the 2016. After all, as far as she’s concerned she has “about a thousand accomplishments”. She even describes her time in ... Read More »

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