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Was Homeland Security Steering Hurricane Matthew?

by Jim “rezn8d” Lee | I have been following Hurricane Matthew for a few days now and I have to ask the question “Is Homeland Security Steering Hurricane Matthew?” I first covered the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) involvement in “hurricane mitigation” efforts back in 2013.  I was talking to geoengineer Stephen Salter when he offered to let ... Read More »

Was Hillary Wearing an Earpiece During Last Night’s Presidential Forum?

Conservative actor James Woods: “She can’t even lie without help” Paul Joseph Watson | September 8, 2016 | UPDATE: Hillary Clinton’s campaign has denied she was wearing an earpiece. “Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said what is seen in the photo is merely a reflection of the TV lights or a flash,” reports Fox News. ——————– Was Hillary Clinton wearing ... Read More »

Hillary for Hospital?! Video Shows her Coughing for Four Minutes Straight at Labor Day Speech

‘Hillary for Hospital!’ is now a common meme in website comments as she continues to prove that she cannot give a speech without having coughing fits throughout the entire thing. While the mainstream media continues to claim her health is fabulous, this clearly isn’t the case. See the video below, it’s quite embarrassing and an insult to our intelligence. Read More »

Military Coup In Turkey ‘Fails’

Major military coups are happening around the world while Americans of all ages are enthralled with Pokemon Go. Sam Chaney reports on attempted coup in Turkey. Report Notes:………………………… Follow & Subscribe to WeaponizedNews.Com…… /+Weaponizednews/posts?csrc=yt Read More »

Interview with Judd Weiss, VP Candidate on McAfee Libertarian Ticket for President

Sam and Stuart interview veteran Libertarian Judd Weiss on his VP candidacy on John McAfee’s Libertarian Presidential ticket. Follow & Subscribe to WeaponizedNews.Com…… Read More »

Coke vs Pepsi 2016 Presidential Election

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | Sep 17, 2015 Stuart and Sam discuss the 2016 Presidential Election with Food Safety Expert Andy Moreno. Our options are Trump, a reality TV Billionaire, or Hillary, a deceptive criminal with no soul. AME Certified Laboratories: Food Testing Tools for Food Safety Managers Andy Moreno Microbiological Surveillance Systems Engineer AME Certified Laboratories Cell: ... Read More »

Video: Hillary Clinton Supporters Will Vote for Her No Matter What

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | May 19, 2015 Did you know Hillary Clinton is pro-life, conservative, and is transparent in everything she does? Well, she actually isn’t, but it doesn’t matter because the average trendy, liberal, democrat, feminist (insert word for intellectually bankrupt here) will vote for Hillary Clinton for President no matter what policy she supports… or doesn’t ... Read More »

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