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by Pam NickelT Jones | WeaponizedNews.Com | July 1, 2015

OH THE IRONY OF IT ALL! Just when we think we have seen it all, Monday night we witnessed the death of our 4th Amendment Rights on the school grounds of a local elementary school. Was it some sort of symbolic gesture to the future of our nation? The loss of our 4th Amendment Rights on Monday night on the campus of Susan B. Anthony elementary school should send shivers down the spine of every American. The “Live Fire” drill to test the calibration of the new Shot Spotter technology being installed will surely have privacy implications for all adults from this moment forward as the new sci-fi technology will not only triangulate on gun shots fired but will now listen in to your conversations 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Where all of this ongoing recording data will be permanently stored and for how long is yet to be answered. But what we the American people allowed to take place Monday night will haunt our children and their children for generations to come. I hang my head in sorrow today at the legacy that we are leaving on the backs of our children.

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Image Credit: pinterest.com

As I mentioned in my first two articles, “THE DEATH OF FRESNO CA. 4TH AMENDMENT – RIGHT TO PRIVACY 6/29/15and  “FRESNO BEE CONFIRMS THE LOSS OF OUR 4TH AMENDMENTS RIGHTS!”  what we are allowing to be built all around us is no more than an open air prison and by the time it is fully constructed and operational and my grandchildren become adults they will be surrounded by a Big Brother technological system that will track and record their every movement, their every word and their every action just like in the movie “Minority Report. It’s a Big Brother government surveillance monster so enormous that entire communities and even our entire country is being transformed one piece at a time into an open air technologically prison facility that future generation will probably never escape. A super computer grid that will enslave our families for a very long time to come unless we stand up now and stop the madness. I for one do not want my family to look back and ask what the hell did grandma do to stop this madness, thus I speak out every day, attend city meetings and am now forced to become a journalist to spread the truth about what I am witnessing, that there is a silent technological beast being constructed that we will be leaving on the backs of our children and their families all in the name of “safety”, a word I am coming to despise.


I am proud to report that my articles and that of other local alternative news media got out fairly quickly to the people in our community and many stopped what they were doing and took to the streets of southwest and southeast Fresno in an effort to find the secret locations where the Fresno police were at and document their actions as well as make it known that We the people of the community DO NOT CONSENT. But it was too little too late and the Shot Spotter equipment is now installed. Had the people known earlier what was really going on perhaps we could have stopped it and I place this lack of knowledge on the backs of our local main stream media for not getting the true story out. I for one am starting to believe that the average American citizen has no idea what their rights truly mean to them and their families and that their understanding of our of god given unalienable rights which are supported by our Bill of Rights and Constitution has disintegrated and that they no longer understand that maintaining these rights requires our constant vigilance.

I am proud to report that close to 200 citizens were online Monday night monitoring the FPD scanner channels one and two and updating me minute by minute so I could convey info to the field in an effort to pin point the location that they wanted kept secret. Now I understand why as they were conducting the gunfire tests on the grounds of a local elementary school. Shameful behavior, just shameful. At one point around 9:30pm local resident Carla Flores heard them call out over the scanner “going live 4Xray” and later around 11:15pm she heard: SCANNER: LEO#1 “Any possibility we can Track from Shaw to south? LEO#2 I’m not sure calibration is a little tedious. Let me check.”

All our efforts paid off as Brian Sumner, Dylan Donnelly and James Job, all local reporters for Fresno Peoples Media, Fresno Liberty Movement and Cop Block Fresno were able to identify their location and make their way to the elementary school to capture the following video of the “Live Fire Gun Shot” drill. What we all were NOT expecting to find was the Fresno police on the school grounds of Susan B. Anthony Elementary school with multiple caliber guns, an MRAP vehicle and what appeared to be some dozen officers and others conducting this drill in a place we all consider somewhat sacred, an elementary school. As you can see in the video footage taken by Brian Sumner and Dylan Donnelly several caliber guns were fired on the school grounds. At 3:27 you hear 3 gunshots and again at 3:53 another 3 gunshots. One neighbor across the street asked Dylan Donnlley what is going on at the school only to find out the police were there shooting guns . He said he was never notified. “Why are they testing gun fire technology at a school?” he asked. He later mentions in the video that “the police have more people at gun point than anyone anywhere” and was obviously upset by what was taking place.

One thing I found disturbing was the “Orders” demanded of Brian Sumner to move back even though they were outside the school fence some football field length away. When Brian asked what law they were breaking by standing on a public sidewalk the officers response was “Your NOT, your disobeying a police officer”. This comment supports the Big Brother prison grid you’re a slave concept I speak of. With all this “safety” technology choking our very existence as a free people our police officers are becoming more and more authoritarian demanding we do as they say just like we are in jail or in a prison. This is far from the free society I knew as a young person when an officer was around to help and spoke to you like a neighbor and NOT a Prison Guard. All of this behavior along with all the Military equipment supports my theory as a whole. Look closely at 8:29 in the video and you will see that even Fresno PD is armed with an MRAP. The question we need to ask is WHY? Why are our local Fresno and Clovis police running around in black military gear with guns strapped to their thighs like their in Afghanistan? Why do both of these departments have MRAP vehicles? What is going on within our city councils that they feel compelled to take Federal Grant money and continue to turn our policing departments into military type operations? These are the hard questions that every local citizen and citizens across this country needs to demand answers to. We all need to attend our city council meetings, make phones calls and send emails until every one of these questions are answered. WHY? Why would our elected officials choose to install spyware in our poorest areas instead of putting programs into place that lift these areas up instead of entrapping them even more in a prison like atmosphere. And why is our city accepting federal funds that are furthering the governments ever encroaching control grid? Last I checked we were a free people not Nazi Germany and the Gestapo. How will the children ever become something better if they are raised as prisoners? And what public official would want to do such a thing?

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I can’t help but wonder just how much good we could have done as a community if we all knew what was going on inside our city government, but no one appears to have the time or cares anymore and as I have pointed out our local media only gives us pretty butterfly stories leaving out the awful facts. I for one believe the millions of dollars being spent to purchase and construct this prison grid could have really made a difference if we all got involved. These areas struggle with drugs and crime because of the situation the people there are stuck in. A situation brought on by the very leaders of our communities and their lack of positive forward thinking solutions. What if the money we just spent to strip away our 4th Amendment rights had funded on the job training programs and perhaps provided small low interest or no interest micro loans so that the people in those areas could have started a small business, the results for the community as a whole would surely be better for all that live there. People seem to have forgotten that these are our neighbors and they have dreams too.

It’s time for the American people to take a good hard look at what is going on and get involved. Gone are the days of trusting our government officials to do right by we the people. All you have to do is look around to see we are in trouble and the very people who serve us are taking us into a very dark and dangerous place. Its time to stop electing “The Pretty People”, the popular people who dress in Armani, drive Mercedes and live in the richest parts of our towns.  What we need are Americans with real life experience that understand what is holding us down and can make decisions that better everyone and not just themselves.  I want whats best for all my neighbors in Fresno and am asking each and every one of you to take some action. No matter where you live in our country right now you need to get involved and take some action.

We are the keepers of this great land and due to our lack of participation and trust in big government we are witnessing the total destruction of our country and thus the futures of our children. No longer can we just sit back and trust what the main stream news tells us what our government is doing. We must rise as a nation of free people or fall as a people into slavery.  Now is the time to stand and find out the facts and reverse what it happening and if that means you or I or your mother runs for an office then so be it. America, the time has come to SPEAK UP and take back our country. Join me and start today.

It is time to question everything the government is doing.


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by Pam NickelT Jones | WeaponizedNews.Com | July 1, 2015 OH THE IRONY OF IT ALL! Just when we think we have seen it all, Monday night we witnessed the death of our 4th Amendment Rights on the school grounds of a local elementary school. Was it some sort of symbolic gesture to the future of our nation? The loss of our 4th Amendment Rights on Monday night on the campus of Susan B. Anthony elementary school should send shivers down the spine of every American. The “Live Fire” drill to test the calibration of the new Shot Spotter technology…

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