Friday , 18 August 2017

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The Worst Day of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign, So Far

By STEPHEN F. HAYES | | May 19, 2015 Hillary Clinton had a very bad day. In fact, she’s had a series of bad days since she announced her presidential bid April 12. But Monday was the worst of them. In a bombshell report, the New York Times reported that Clinton, as secretary of state, used her private email ... Read More »

Federalization of Local Police is Lawless, Jade Helm 15 is Psychological Warfare & Fukushima is Still Leaking

Stuart and Sam discuss NSA speech to text spying, Federalization of Local Police is Lawless, Conditioning to Accept Militarized Police State, Social Engineering Predictive Programming "Purge" Riots in Baltimore totally staged, Jade Helm 15 is Psychological warfare against the American people, What is a liberal, 1984 mind control, where do we draw the line between civil rights, immorality and evil, Fukushima nuclear power plant is still leaking, the mainstream media is there to lie to you, 30000 doctors in Argentina demand that glyphosate be banned, Do not give your children Fluoride it is a neurotoxin that reduces IQ, Chipotle goes GMO free, China rolls out fully automated robot factory, major us retailers are closing more 6000 stores, JP Morgan has accumulated more than 55 million ounces of silver, Debt Junkie Financial terrorists are running the banking system, Negative interest rates in Europe and much more... Read More »

Clinton Foundation Total Net Assets Over $283 Million

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | May 7, 2015 On the financial statements of the Clinton Foundation for 2013 it states that the foundation has a net worth of over $283,000,000 after total liabilities. That is quite a large sum of money for “average folks” like the Clinton regime to be in control of.   Screen Shot of Contributors to ... Read More »

Bill Clinton: “we have never done anything knowingly inappropriate”

Jennifer Glen | Western Free Press | May 4, 2015 Bill Clinton was interviewed by NBC News, discussing Hillary’s run, their foundation, and the income he makes from speeches. The Clintons have certainly stuck with the narrative of being average people. He defends his half million dollar speaking fees with “I gotta pay our bills,” and “it’s the most independence I can get.” ... Read More »

Senate Resolution Admits “past decade alone, there have been 4,107 changes to the tax code, more than one per day”

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | April 17, 2015 In a policy statement included in Senate Concurrent Resolution 11 introduced March 20th of this year, it’s admitted that over the last ten years on average there has been more than one change per day to the tax code. In Sec. 804 it states “Over the past decade alone, there have ... Read More »

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