Monday , 16 October 2017

Science & Technology

Trump Wins, Democrat Lies, Russian Diplomats Assassinated, Micro-Chipped Population & Satanic Agenda

Sam and Stuart discuss Trump being elected officially by electoral college, Russian Diplomats being assassinated and the more on this week’s shows…. Report Notes: House Passes Bill Allowing Government to Microchip Citizens With “Mental Disabilities” Key ally of Vladimir Putin claims shadowy Nato forces masterminded the assassination of Russian ambassador Andrey Karlov ... Read More »

Was Homeland Security Steering Hurricane Matthew?

by Jim “rezn8d” Lee | I have been following Hurricane Matthew for a few days now and I have to ask the question “Is Homeland Security Steering Hurricane Matthew?” I first covered the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) involvement in “hurricane mitigation” efforts back in 2013.  I was talking to geoengineer Stephen Salter when he offered to let ... Read More »

Dr. Oz Promotes RFID Microchip Implants for People, Calls It “The Next Big Thing”

In a recent episode of “Dr. Oz” Mehmet Cengiz Oz features and promotes the Mark of the Beast, aka the RFID microchip implant, as the new trendy gadget for humans. He assures you that this will make things more convenient and could potentially save your life. Not only is he wrong, but he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing inviting ... Read More »

Creepy: Scarlet Johansson “Robot” Look-alike…

Who needs real celebrities when you can have a robot look-alike? Report Notes:… Follow & Subscribe to WeaponizedNews.Com…… Read More »

All Eyes on the America People – Why your phone and computer is a danger to your life

In a world that is becoming a police state literally overnight, there are evil things being done around the clock and one of the Governments most evil tools against its people has been fully exposed by the hacking company called “Hacking Team”. What is Hacking Team? Plain and simple, Hacking Team is a company based out of Italy that sells remote control software to the governments of the world along with groups that are at war with the people of their country. Now in and of itself, remote control software doesn’t sound too bad. We have had remote control software since the start of the PC era, but this type of remote control is fully unauthorized and fully evil. This remote control software known as Galileo controls every aspect of IPhones, Microsoft Phones, Android OS, Windows, Apples Desktop IOS, and Linux. When I say every aspect, I truly mean every aspect. It is fully hidden, and can do things such as turning your phone into a bug by enabling the microphone and secretly recording anything that is going on, it can snap pictures silently and upload them immediately, it can track you using your gps, it can send out a text message as you silently, it can control everything from your contacts to your banking info and worse of all it can turn your webcam into a streaming video stream that goes back to one of the main servers that they setup when you buy their software. There are even rumors that inside this software is the ability to 1 button click and fill your devices with child porn in an attempt to frame you for such a crime. Personally, I haven’t been able to find that feature, but since everything is in Italian, deciphering this is slow going work. Read More »

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