Friday , 18 August 2017

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Truth, Liberty & Solutions interview Tony Stiles — TonyStiles.Com

Stuart and Sam discuss Truth, Liberty & Solutions with the Ambassador of Bad Ass Tony Stiles, the mainstream media fear factor , there is only liberty and tyranny, politicians want to make other politicians not the people that elected them, we don't need a leader we need a public servant that will serve the people, what political life is like in Minnesota, the difference between classical liberal and progressive liberal, crony capitalism and free market capitalism are not the same thing socialism works when you leave it alone coming down to freedom or government control and much more... Read More »

Globalists Are Coming After Our 1st Amendment interview Kristan T. Harris – TheRunDownLive.Com

Stuart and Sam talk with Kristan T. Harris of TheRunDownLive.Com to discuss a wide range of topics including: Geoengineering weather modification programs going on across the country, waking up and going through YouTube college, Esoteric Occultism, Bohemian Grove, SB 277 Forced Vaccines, Ending taxes and participating in a voluntary charitable society, Government is the new religion, false flags project Blue Beam a fake alien invasion or the second coming of Christ projecting images into the sky, the government will not save us from the crisis it creates, hire crowds on demand for fake popularity to fool the public, the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill is not very Christen, DNA printer prints life, the voice of god technology, The Globalists Are Coming After 1st Amendment, the idea of socialism and communism are the new liberal no form of government has ever worked and much more... Read More »

New World Order Social Engineers Own You & Your Children

Stuart and Sam discuss the New World Order Social Engineers criminal passage of SB 277 into law declaring the state owns you & your children, former CA Senator Leland Yee pleads guilty of racketeering, France bans glyphosate, Fluoride does not prevent cavities, CIA created the phrase "conspiracy theorists" ways to attack anyone who challenges the official narrative, 10 stories the mainstream did not report on during the Supreme Court Gay Marriage ruling and the confederate flag politically correct insanity, 10 planks of the communist manifesto and much more... Read More »

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