Monday , 16 October 2017

Prepping & Survival

Remember, Remember, the Month of September…

By Jim Long | | Sep 10, 2015 September 19th thru 21st This is a heads up folks.  The International Monetary Fund (also known as the World Bank  or IMF) are having their meetings on these dates. Why is this so important? There is speculation that the IMF will discontinue use of the dollar as the world reserve currency. ... Read More »

Greek villagers secret weapon: Grow your own food

Ilias Mathes has protection against bank closures, capital controls and the slashing of his pension: 10 goats, some hens and a vegetable patch. If Greece's financial crisis deepens, as many believe it must, he can feed his children and grandchildren with the bounty of the land in this proud village high in the mountains of the Arcadia Peloponnese. Read More »

Jerking Meat

A dehydrator is great for this especially if there is some warning that things are beginning to collapse. The frozen contents of your freezer can be dehydrated to preserve it for when the power goes out. Read More »

The Most Universal Tool

One of the greatest tools ever invented for survival is a pair of fence pliers. This tool was designed by a cowboy for a cowboy. Fairly lightweight, yet strong, these pliers incorporate a lot of uses in a little tool. There is a hammer, a staple puller, pliers, pry bar, cutters, etc. There are many "invented" uses for these. Read More »

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