Monday , 16 October 2017

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Fresno veteran says terrorist crashed into him at 100 mph

By Wendi Lane Friday, September 30th 2016 FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) — A Fresno man believes he was the victim of a terrorist attack, right here on the roadways in California. Now, he wants the guy who he says attacked him off the streets so he doesn’t hurt anyone else. Scott Alcala was driving to San Jose to play golf with ... Read More »

Can It Get Any Worse In Fresno California?

By Pam Jones | WeaponizedNews.Com | July 22, 2016 Fresno California is an EPIC FAIL! I have lived in the Central Valley of California, Fresno to be exact for 11 years.  I moved here for a business opportunity that was very fruitful until Obama took over the country.  Since my arrival I have witnessed the fall of Fresno. Homelessness is ... Read More »

Video shows last 2 shots fired at Dylan Noble by Fresno police

Highlights Witness’s video appears to show Dylan Noble on the ground being shot after he raises hands Chief Jerry Dyer says officers’ body camera video shows entire shooting DA’s Office is handling investigation; Dyer says FBI has agreed to review shooting   By Pablo Lopez | Lying on the ground beside his pickup, 19-year-old Dylan Noble has already been ... Read More »

Cops Shoot White Guy in Fresno, Nobody Pays Attention

By Hank Berrien | Somehow, the shooting of an unarmed white man by police isn’t drawing any attention from the mainstream media. Unlike the shootings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, which have created yet another firestorm complete with accusations of police racism, the media is ignoring the death of Dylan Noble, a 19-year-old white man, on June 25. ... Read More »

9-Year Old Boy Banned from Wearing Trump Hat at Fresno, CA School?

While Fresno Unified School District is under Federal investigation for their corrupt crony-capitalist practices, they are also banning 9-year old students from wearing Trump hats… Report Notes: Follow & Subscribe to WeaponizedNews.Com……   Read More »

Bill Clinton Confronted About His Illegitimate Son Danny Williams at Fresno State

Charlie In The Box confronts Bill Clinton about his illegitimate son Danny Williams and rape allegations at Fresno State all while a woman (clearly a leftist feminist) scolds Charlie for not groveling to him like a good mind controlled slave. Source:… Follow & Subscribe to WeaponizedNews.Com…… Read More »

Fresno PD: The Most Dangerous Police Force in America

By Kayla Moon | WeaponizedNews.Com | March 3, 2016 Fresno activists John Lang was recently murdered – his death is part of a much larger pattern The Fresno PD is under sever investigation and speculation within a vast majority of independent sources. An activist by the name of John Lang predicted his own death for speaking out against the corruption ... Read More »

Activist Predicts Death, Says The Cops Killed Him

By Dylan Donnelly | | Jan 26, 2016 The man who was found stabbed inside a burning home in Fresno last week is confirmed to be John Lang, a frequent poster in the Fresno People’s Media group on Facebook and acquaintance to many in the Fresno activist community. Abc30 reported: Police say a man who had been stabbed was found inside a ... Read More »

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