Tuesday , 22 August 2017

Global Crisis

Randy Shahbazian: Are people slowly becoming obsolete?

By Randy Shahbazian | Fresno Bee | January 10, 2015 Technology continues to advance at dizzying speed. Self-driving cars already have been on the road for several years, and they will be available to the public in several more. Improvements in solar electricity equipment, along with sophisticated new battery storage systems, soon will provide homeowners with affordable, clean and plentiful ... Read More »

WeaponizedNews.Com Debut Radio, Television & Internet Broadcast: Break The Mind Control part 2

By Sam Chaney | WeaponizedNews.Com | January 10, 2015 WeaponizedNews.Com Debut Radio, Television & Internet Broadcast: Break The Mind Control part 2 Broadcasting at 6-8 PM Saturday Nights on 1680 AM Conservative Talk — Fresno, CA http://weaponizednews.com/ http://www.my1680.com/ Broadcasting on Access TV in Fresno, CA Fresno CMAC Public Channels: Comcast Channel — 93 AT&T Channel — 99 6:00 — 7:00 ... Read More »

Power Failures for Long Periods of Time

By Jim Long | PreppingandSurviving.Blogspot.Com | January 5, 2015 In a disaster situation you may wind up with the power grid being interrupted for a period of time.  Also, for urban dwellers, your gas mains or piping in your house may break due to earthquake.  Know how to shut the gas off to your house in this situation.  FEMA states ... Read More »

I don’t believe official 9/11 story

By Randy Shahbazian | Fresno Bee Originally published 2014-09-06 A few years ago, a local radio talk show host posed the question of why 9/11 still just doesn’t “feel right” each year we remember this tragedy. Most of the callers commented on the great resilience of the American people, the heroics of the first responders and how “everything changed” on ... Read More »

ARTivism: Jil Love Revolution The Inspirational Book

By Sam Chaney | WeaponizedNews.Com Interview with Jil Love. She was featured in the Wall Street Journal Year in Photos 2014 for her ARTivism. Help her fund a Coffee Table book of her ARTivism (Jil Love Revolution The Inspirational Book) by donating to her indiegogo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jil-love-revolution-the-inspirational-book Sources: http://jilloverevolution.com/ https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jil-love-revolution-the-inspirational-book http://graphics.wsj.com/Photos-of-the-Year/2014/en:date:January:300 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJZvlANs5GJ5BTzJEqmbLcQ Read More »

A Scenario

By Jim Long | PreppingandSurviving.Blogspot.Com About two years ago, I wrote this scenario and published it here.  After reading the article from Bosnia I posted yesterday, I felt it appropriate to repost it for your reading as it comes more to life now. We have collapsed.  Bob is your neighbor.  You have spoken to Bob many times about prepping and ... Read More »

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