Monday , 21 August 2017

Economic Crisis

Is A Real Estate Collapse in California Imminent?

By Stuart Webb | WeaponizedNews.Com | June 19, 2015 While we are all freaking out about race relations in the United States, there is a pretty serious drought going on in the bread basket of the world. Mike Adams of Natural News points out that wealthy communities in California are beginning to run out of water and when that happens, ... Read More »


I have been over this before, but it is important. All the storage food, ammo, silver and gold you have stored maybe for not if you have no skills. Read More »

Greenspan: Get ready for another taper tantrum

By Lawrence Delevingne | CNBC.Com | May 13, 2015 Another market disruption from higher interest rates is virtually certain, according to former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan. “Just remember we had the ‘taper tantrum.’ And we’re going to get another one,” Greenspan said Wednesday at the Global Private Equity Conference in Washington, DC. “This is a very tough period to ... Read More »

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