Tuesday , 22 August 2017

Big Brother

1984 Big Brother Police State Real Time Crime Center: Give Up Your Rights & Privacy For Security

Stuart and Sam discuss 1984 Big Brother Real Time Crime Center profiling secret microphones, cameras and licenses plate readers on Fresno streets violating the 4th Amendment. Right out of the Movie Enemy Of The State. Police and government workers we are all in this together. Honor the Oath you took to the Constitution and stand up for the Bill of Rights. The Pope is calling for World Government. Eric Holder returns to Wall Street Firm Covington & Burling after financially raping the American people. The big banks plead guilty to felony financial fraud and Santa Cruz County is withdrawing money from the big mega banks... No on SB 277 Government is Evil and much more... Read More »


"This technology captures more than just the sound of gunshots. Conversations and other audio picked up by the sensors are obtained without consent, and the subjects are unknowingly being recorded. There is clear evidence that ShotSpotter can record conversations,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Nadia Kayyali told Business Insider. Read More »

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